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Charcoal Whitening

Recently, you may have heard about charcoal whitening products. These products, often sold in health food stores, claim to use activated charcoal to remove surface stains on the teeth. The charcoal is applied in powder form to a toothbrush and then rubbed on the teeth, often turning the mouth black, temporarily. Charcoal whitening advocates claim that after a quick rinse, teeth will be noticeably whiter. However, the American Dental Association states that there is no evidence that these treatments are effective in creating a whiter smile. In fact, the abrasive nature of the charcoal may damage enamel. The ADA recommends speaking with your dentist about whitening treatments that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.



Regular Exams


The importance of regular exams with your dentist is explained in this week’s Your Dental Health video!

Dental Technology

Dental Technology has come a long way in recent years. Watch this video to learn about how we are making advances that will save you time and money, all while keeping you more comfortable!